Blacklight Dry Shampoo


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A QUICK REFRESH – Blacklight Dry Shampoo is designed to give your hair an instant glow-up. It goes on dry, absorbs excess oils, and brushes out easily and without leaving any residue. FOR BLONDES AND ALL COLORS – This dry shampoo is suitable for all hair types, but like the rest of our Blacklight products, it was created specifically for the full spectrum of blondes (natural, highlighted, pre-lightened, colored). BETTER HAIR IN TWO MINUTES – Skip a shampoo (or two) and give yourself some much needed time to breathe. Shake it well, let it dry on dry hair, massage well, and brush it away. It’s that easy. VEGAN FRIENDLY, SULFATE & PARABEN FREE –Made with 100% vegan ingredients. Free of sulfates, salts, and parabens, Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Dry Shampoo keeps hair bouncy, shiny, and irritant-free. OLIGO LEGACY – Oligo Professionnel products are stylist approved, backed by 3 decades of expertise in the hair and cosmetics industry. Consistency. Reliability. Performance. Excellence.

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