Meet the Instructor

Meg English is a Philadelphia resident and has lived and worked as a hairdresser in the surrounding area for over 30 years. Meg has an extensive portfolio, ranging from freelance hair and makeup, working on set at QVC, and working with renowned artists around the world. Her diverse experience has given her a love for all things hair and a passion for education. Meg earned the merits of a Davines Regional Master Trainer as well as a Regional Davines Artistic Team member. She has taken all of this knowledge and experience to develop classes designed for all stylists–beginner or advanced.

Meg has taken classes with renowned cutting and coloring educators in Canada, London, Italy, and across the U.S. to expand her training and get inspired. These experiences have had a significant impact on the colorist and educator that she is today. They allow her to be an effective, talented trainer that makes a lifelong impact on all of her students.

Balayage Artistic Class

Gem Education will teach you to use patterns that will allow you to recreate a unique and artistic look on every client. At Gem, we believe in working smarter, not harder. One of our goals is to teach fresh techniques to give your clients a completely new look without having to spend the whole day in your chair!

It’s simple, more time + more clients = more income. All Gem classes are technique-based, so they can be applied with any color line and utilized by every stylist.

Plan your work then work your plan!

Balayage Basics Class

The balayage basics class is an intro course of the balayage technique. I begin by introducing the fundamentals of the craft and walk you through a live-demo, followed by a hands-on activity.

You will learn to perfect your balayage skills as I discuss instructions, product selection, proper mixing, application techniques, the art of placement, and glossing and finish.

Whether you’re looking to offer a new service to your clientele, expand your skill sets, or just want to stay up to date in the ever-evolving industry of hair color, this class will be a perfect start to advancing your skills as a colorist.

Option: You can book a two-day class and take both courses (basics and advanced)

Balayage Advanced Class

In the advanced balayage class, I will demonstrate:
The art of color melting and hair painting
– The importance of base coloring and tandem applications
– Converting all-over highlights to a balayage style

You will also learn how to incorporate balayage and hand-painted pieces to create more depth, and even how to utilize the reverse-balayage technique. In addition to this, I will also address how to do a faux balayage and foil highlighting.

Materials Needed:
– One doll head is needed for each participant as this will be a hands-on course

Pre Requirements:
– All advanced balyage students must first take the balayage basics class in order to get a fundemental understanding of the theory and the balayage technique

– You can book a two day class that combines both the basics and advanced classes

let’s make something beautiful together.